Revolution for your business workflows

Translate your business data to actions in the real-world. Utilize real-time industrial workflows to aid your digital transformation.

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Utility companies

Adapt your workflows to new legislation and technical progress.

Transportation companies

Improve the maintenance workflows and use data from many different sources (imaging, ultrasound, maintenance) and optimize usage of your infrastructure.

Information Models

Just like in Building Information Models (BIM) build your own System Information Model and integrate all possible sources of data


Improve the quality by fusing data and human workforce.


Create recordable processes tailored to the needs of your office.

Scientific pipelines

Ensure repeatable experiments with scientific pipelines in pharmacy and biotech.

How does it work?

Step 1

Connect your data (as input or output) from any source (Sharepoint, CRM, ERP, Excel, (No)SQL, legacy systems, Redshift or BigQuery.

Step 2

Connect, join and transform you data using our visual workflow editing tool

Step 3

Refine the model to reflect your company’s unique metrics and business logic.

Step 4

Add real-world interactions with your workforce and let your data drive the business workflow.

How does it compare to other solutions

Easy access to all data sources

You do not need a data scientist to exploit your data.

Automated data driven workflow pipelines

Every defined workflow will be 100% data driven. Changes in your data will automatically run the workflow.

Pipeline builder

The visual workflow builder allows to build pipelines in a breeze.
Many ready to use modules such as data connectors, data transformers, filters and AI tools are available.

Interact with the real-world

Add real-time interactions with your workforce so your business processes extend to the real-world.

Get repeatable high quality processes

A digital model of your business ensures a steady quality of your processes.

Secure the know-how

The digital model of your business process is a valuable backup of your employees know-how.

Real-time data updates

Changes in your data are reflected immediately in your pipeline: No more stale data in your BI tool.

Enhanced by AI

Let our machine learning algorithms enhance your workflows.

First class visualizations

Every step in your pipelines can be visualized with first class interactive visualizations

Automated reporting and dashboards

Keep track of your business processes with automated reports.

Versioning and sharing of your workflows

Modern version control systems allow to track every change of your workflows. Simply roll back if a change is not worthwhile.

Web-native and mobile first

Leverage the value of your data wherever you need it — across the web, on your mobile device, and right in your existing workflows.

Software as a Service SaaS or On-Premise

If you prefer keeping your data outside of the cloud, contact us for on-premise solutions.


You want to create your own applications with the backend? Contact us for integration possibilities.


We can provide support from then beginning:
  • Consulting for how to transform your business processes into data driven digital workflows
  • Integrating your custom data sources
  • Building your custom pipelines and workflows
  • Providing first class support
  • SaaS or on-premise
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